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Fermentation Cult(ure) FAQ


How many ferments do I receive a month? 

With all of the Fermentation Cult(ure) subscriptions, you will receive two 16 oz flagship ferments a month for the duration of your subscription period. With the “Influencer” and “Leader” subscriptions, you will also receive one or two bonus ferments that will arrive with your regular shipments.  

Does the subscription autorenew?

NO!  We will not charge you after your subscription ends. But, near the end of your subscription, will contact you to see if you are interested in purchasing another subscription at a 10% discount!  

Can I purchase a subscription as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely! Our Fermentation Cult(ure) subscriptions make great gifts!  Check out as usual, but make sure to enter the address of the gift recipient in the “Shipping Address” form.

What are Flagship Ferments?

Our Flagship Ferments are FinAllie Ferments’ tried and tested, best-selling ferments.  Currently, our Flagship Ferments include our Vermont-Style Kimchi, Dill With It, Electric Curry Kraut, and Black Garlic Kimchi.

What are Limited Batch Ferments?

We are always experimenting with new and exciting types of ferments.  We will keep you updated on all of our Limited Batch Ferments.  Some recent examples include Nettle Ginger, Koji Carrots and Black Garlic-Just Cloves.

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