All Winds FaRM


Ben and Haley Farrell, owners of All Winds Farm:

The rock and roots of our community fermentation


Steadfast farmers, our dear friends and next-door neighbors Ben and Haley Farrell run All Winds Farm right here on Lawrence Drive in West Townsend, Vermont. They are master vegetable growers, and this youthful family is following organic standards and intuitive sustainable farming practices in harmony with nature. Through each season, farming teaches multiple lessons: in gardens, acres, by horse or by tractor, and they are so grateful to be doing what they do. At Finallie Ferments, we give thanks for the privilege of working side by side with friends and neighbors like Ben and Haley. They are the reason our ferments taste so special!

“Thank you for your CSA support. It truly helps our family!” -Haley Farrell




 Wild Shepherd Farm:Allie, Emily Amanna and (Dog’s name) enjoying early

    summer in Southern, VT.

David Hassan and Emily Amanna run Wild Shepherd Farm, a grass-based, diversified farm in Athens, Vermont.  Young farmers, David and Emily epitomize the newest generation of family farms. Wild Shepherd Farm grows over 30,000 heads of seven varieties of organic (non-certified) hard-neck garlic. They also specialize in raising grass-fed meat, including Dexter dairy cows, East Friesian milking ewes and lambs, and pastured pork. In July of 2012, they completed their ewe-milking parlor, producing their highly sought-after sheep’s milk and selling to local cheese makers. 

In addition, Wild Shepherd Farm produces diverse vegetables, baked goods, pickles and fermented goods, and dried and processed medicinal herbs. Their farm products are sold to weekly milk customers at their roadside farm stand, at local farmers’ markets, and at regional garlic festivals.

“Thank you for supporting local farmers.” 

-Emily Amanna


Jersey Girls Dairy


Lisa Kaiman, farmer and owner of Jersey Girls Dairy in Chester, Vermont, practices regenerative agriculture. She is both a farmer and educator, helping those who visit her farm understand both the importance of cows while transmitting her deep love and knowledge of the animal to everyone who visits Jersey Girls Dairy.

Personally, I am honored to share her commercial kitchen and have learned a tremendous amount from her regarding farming practices. As a fellow farmer, woman, and community leader, she is nothing short of inspiring.

“Allie always puts farmers and quality organic ingredients first.”

-Lisa Kaimen


Old Athens Farm


Old Athens Farm: Michael Collins and Allie Dercoli

The Old Athens Farm is a small, family-run Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) certified organic farm in Westminster, Vermont. Since 1989, Michael Collins has been dedicated to growing the highest quality produce for the local market. 

“Our specialty has long been early season greenhouse crops. We have developed a reputation for producing the earliest tomatoes and cucumbers year after year. When customers say, ‘Those tomatoes taste like real tomatoes.’ We proudly say ‘They are!’ because it’s true. They are real tomatoes, grown organically in rich soil, tended with extreme care, and picked as ripe as possible. Taste and freshness come first at the Old Athens Farm.”

“You make a difference in this market and local economy. Thank You”

-Michael Collins


Harlow Farm


Harlow Farm: “Police man” and Allie Dercoli

Harlow Farm is one of the oldest and largest organic vegetable farms in Vermont. It has been in the Harlow family since 1917, and certified organic since 1985. 

The Farm produces a wide array of organic produce, which you can find at  local co-ops, regional grocery stores, and Harlow Farmstand. Organically fed beef, pork, chickens, and turkeys, as well as eggs are also raised on the farm. As stewards of the land, Harlow Farm provides access to healthy, sustainably produced food for today and tomorrow.

“We love to see your face! Thank you for your support FinAllie”  

-”Police Man”