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Kitchen Staff members are more than just line choppers. Our staff is special and dynamic! They wild forage, work with farmers, operate with our sales team. Some of them have their own farms and work as Chefs or Artists, but we have one thing in common: our love for bubbly foods!

Allie And Her Ferments

Sarah Carbonneau currently works as Finallie’s Chief Administrative Officer and helps with sales in Chittenden County.

They are an idea partner, and help with office administration, creative content, and data/inventory management.

Sarah also helps with editing, strategy, and communications. She currently lives in Winooski with her partner.

#28 Truck

Equinox food brokers

Dan and his wonderful staff have been paramount in growing our company through distribution with Black River Produce and Food Connects

I want to thank the staff of book wizards, fellow organizers, and members of the Sustainable Valley group for allowing us to use their community kitchen in Bellows falls.

Check out our Instagram for more individualized profiles of our amazing staff and opportunities for involvement as a farmer or join our team.

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#29 truck

Brenda our FOREVER young Toyota pick-up veggie transporter