Allie’s Story

Allie's Story of Fermentation company
About Our Food Fermentation Company

Long before a single jar bubbled its way into the hearts and bellies of Vermonters, Allie Dercoli, founder and operator of FinAllie Ferments, was traveling the country with her dog Fin. She worked on 50+ farms across the country, learning from fellow farmers how to grow and ferment food along the way. This was a second act, a calling. Several years and many miles later, it would be Vermont where Allie and Fin would root their love for fermentation. Vermont had been an early stop in the adventure, and if you’ve ever been to the Green Mountain State, you may know something about its particular brand of magic and beauty.

Having learned and experienced the amazing health benefits of the probiotic alchemy that is fermentation, Allie decided to sell her Vermont-style sauerkraut and kimchi at local farmers markets. With Fin by her side, handmade signs and birch wood labels, FinAllie Ferments soon became a local favorite at the markets, restaurants, and grocery stores across Southern Vermont. She had a mission: Allie wanted to share the powerful health benefits of probiotics, the joy of traditional fermenting, the innate value in helping Vermont’s local farmers, and the feeling of community that occurs when we help feed our friends and neighbors. An artist by training (glass blowing), Allie’s second act as farmer and fermenter allows her to nurture her desire to heal, feed, and nurture her community.

FinAllie Ferments honors traditional fermentation processes, but we maintain our own unique flavors. Each recipe begins as an experiment. Though we’re inspired by the rich history of ferments from around the world, we honor the ingredients available in our bioregion. Everything is fermented in oak barrels and ceramic crocks, never in plastic, ensuring complex flavors. Our products are always raw and free of vinegar, so every jar delivers the beneficial bacteria and micro-nutrients your gut requires.

Our top priority is not profit growth, but the growth and accessibility of the culture in our bodies and community. Our motto, “Cultivating Culture,” means bending down and reaching deep into the soil of our collective existence, honoring the inherited traditions and wisdom of our elders, and passing them on to those around us. We believe in a future where generations can flourish. We want to rise above the profit-over-people model that is contributing to the destruction and exploitation of the land and its inhabitants. We strive to promote economic resilience by keeping the flow of money and job opportunities in our local communities.

We hope you will join us!