We at FinAllie Ferments are indebted to this farming and fermentation community that has been caring and generous in sharing how to be stewards of the land and alchemists of the harvest. Farming is our way of life, and fermentation and probiotics are our way to good health. With that in mind, we wanted to start a page of resources we have used to further our way to great mental and physical health. If you want to add an article to our list, please drop us an email.

“Find a way to add more ferments into your diet. Many doctors recommend fermented foods to aid in pre-digestion, to promote healthy skin, and help to heal your gut from toxic chemicals like chlorinated water. Fermented foods should be paired with antibiotics when fighting infection. Replenishing the body with good bacteria is paramount to achieve optimal health.”


-Covid 19 and Fermented Foods:
If you’re interested in a time-sensitive read, please see how fermented foods have been linked to a lower Covid-19 mortality rate: Read More

Why Eat Fermented Foods?
Fermented foods are delicious, but here are 5 terrific reasons you should add more ferments into your diet: Read More

– General Reference
We are grateful to the tremendous work of Sandor Ellix Katz. More than any other writer or practitioner in the world of ferments, his books and website have sustained us in the journey to great health, good spirits, wonderful food, and powerful fermenting. We highly recommend any of his books. Here is the link to his Wild Fermentation Website: Read More

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