Heavy Nettle Kraut


16oz Bag

Color: Dark Green.

Spice Level: 0/4

Tangy, Earthy, Ginger.  Exceptionally delicious and wickedly nutritious.  Rich with calcium, iron, magnesium and Vitamin B6; nettle is a true superfood. Plus, when nettle is fermented, the stingers disappear! Like all FinAllie Ferments, our products are fermented in oak barrels (never plastic or steel). We use Vermont-grown vegetables and spices from our network of small and medium sized Vermont farms.

Use Heavy Nettle Kraut with eggs, grilled cheese, salads, crackers with cheese, anything you want, or fresh out of the jar!

Ingredients: cabbage*, nettle leaf*, garlic*, sea salt. *Vermont-Grown Produce


1 review for Heavy Nettle Kraut

  1. Pam

    Nettle in the winter is a lovely thing. Vegetal, tart, garlic, and oh so good.

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